Repeater 145.230 - DCS 212
Repeater 446.525 - PL 156.7
             Solar, Autopatch, Allstar, Skywarn Alerts             
Located in Saint Johns, Arizona Los Angeles, California Hub 49842 Dallas, Texas Hub 41050 Atlanta, Georgia Hub 49964

IAX-Client Dvswitch Gateway 40124 Los Angeles, CA Hub

IAX-Client Dvswitch Gateway 40127 Dallas, TX Hub

Allstar 49827 EchoLink Gateway KE6GVK-R 991417

Allstar 41053 EchoLink Gateway KE6GVK-L 225263

*STARLINK* Conference Node 357087

IRLP 9256 Reflector

D-STAR Reflector XLX830

PI-STAR DMR BRIDGE 3124829 Los Angeles, CA


If interested in IAX-Client email, IAX-Client is for
getting on ALLSTAR with your android phone, tablet or network radio.
Connected to the Starlink-System 24/7 (World Wide)
Located in Uvalde, Texas