Building Allstar Node
First you will have to apply with Allstar to get a node Number usually takes 24 hours maybe quicker.
Next you might want to see what band to put your node on and see how busy the frequency is.
Do not put your node on 6 meter part 97.201 will explain why.
Always use CTCSS both ways so no interference comes through your node.
Look at radios Yes HT's do work but they get really hot they don't work long. Mobile radios are much better and
make sure you put a nice fan on the radio so it doen't get to hot. If you are on our system sometimes we have
long QSO. On my repeater I am running couple of fans to keep the system cool. They are also on thermostats.
Lets get started there is few ways to build your new node.

Raspberry PI 3     

Case for Raspberry pi 3 with fan  

Power supply 3.0 amp 5 volt 110 volt version   

Power supply 3.0 amp 5 volt 12 volt version  

Flash card reader  

Micro SD card 32gb

(OPTION 1) You will have to micro solder with this option.
Sound Card   
(OPTION 2) No soldering Required

DMK URI Card   
                                                 Software needed for this install


Win 32 Disk Image software FREE

Hamvoip Very easy to use and setup Software Free

Putty Software Free

Winscp Software Free
This (OPTION1) Sound card
1N914 Small Signal Rectifier Diode IN914is COS,  10k Ohm Carbon Film Resistors - 1/4 Watt - 5% - 10K for pull PTT,
BC547 Transistor NPN 45V 0.1A For PTT,
15 Watt soldering iron. You don't want to burn the board. if you have a hot iron just don't leave it in one place to
long. Solder I am using alloy Sn63, Flux 282, Dia .031, Core 66. This solder seems to work the best.
Dmk URI card is used on my repeater.