Windy day in Saint Johns, AZ winds over 65 +

Repeater Information Located in Saint Johns, AZ

Pictures of my station, 2M & 70CM Repeater and Solar
This is what used in this project Light Catcher Solar and Controller
LCS-100P 100 watt Polycrystalline Solar
100W for RV SHED 12V Battery
Batteries Used in this Project are Trojan L16RE-B
Data Sheet on Trojan L16RE-B
Have fun on the system enjoy.
Air vent from Garage to Attic
Off site Reciever for repeater input DCS 212
Repeater 145.230 - DCS 212
Repeater 446.525 - PL 156.7
Link together
Client Bridge for 2 Meter Repeater and 70CM Repeater
Solar For 145.230 - DCS 212
and 446.525 - PL 156.7
connected to Allstar.
Running off site receiver for 2 Meter Repeater.
Located in Saint John's, Arizona